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Consultation, Coaching and Advocacy Package

I will review all of your child's records and coach you in all aspects of your child's evaluation, IEP, 504 and other IEP documents as well as your parent rights. I will help build your capacity to advocate for your child's needs without the additional expense of having representation at every IEP meeting.

Consultation, Coaching, Advocacy And Representation

In addition to the first package I will work alongside you to advocate for your child's needs and resolve differences. If situations remain unresolved I will help write letters of concern and inform you about your "Dispute Resolution Options" including the need for legal representation.

Psychoeducational Evaluations and Report Writing For Schools.

I am licensed to conduct psychoeducational evaluations in the areas of cognition, executive functioning, academics, behavior, social emotional functioning, and adaptive functioning. I will provide a written report that will be highlight recommendations for programming and intervention.

Areas Of Speciality

Knowledge of Special Education and 504 Laws and Regulations.

My training in school psychology, licensure program in school administration and practice as a Special Education coordinator has given me a in-depth understanding of IDEA, ECEA and ADA.. I will guide you through the SPED and 504 processes and advise you on when and if you need legal representation.

In-depth Knowledge Of SPED Disability Categories.

Almost twenty years of experience in Special Education as a school psychologist and a Special Education Administrator has given me a broad understanding of the the different disability categories identifed by the Colorado Department OF Education


IEPs are extremely important legal documents as they are the roadmap that identifies a students strengths, present levels of performance, needs, goals, and supports that will help a student make progress. Over the years in education I have had lots of experience writing individual education plans that have been driven by data and developed to meet students unique needs.

Psycho-educational Assessments

As a school psychologist I am licensed in Colorado to conduct psychoeducational evaluations to assess student needs in the areas of; cognition, executive functioning, behavior, academics, social emotional functioning, executive functioning and adaptive functioning. I have been doing this work for many years and have been able to identify the needs and assessments used to obtain a profile of strengths and weaknesses for students that can be used to consider eligibility for Special Education.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

In 2011 my passion for all things Autism led me to the University of Northern Colorado where I engaged in a year long course in teaching strategies for ASD. As with all disability categories students are impacted differently and this is so true of ASD, as the saying goes "if you've met one individual with Autism you've met one individual with Autism." This means that interventions have to meet address of a very wide range of need, from high functioning to highly impacted. I am able to assess that need and recommend the appropriate Evidenced Based Practice (EBP).

Behavior, Social Emotional Functioning, FBAs and BIPs

Practicing as both a school psychologist and ASD specialist I have had considerable experience in supporting students with unexpected behavior; identifying the function of behavior through assessment and developing support plans to address lagging skills to support access to education.


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